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Robert Stone Attorney at Law PC in Medford, OR Firm Overview

At the law office of Robert M. Stone, we offer legal services for matters including criminal defense and estate planning. Starting with the initial consultation that we have with you, we work to develop the factual and legal issues around your case. We work to provide you with litigation services with your best interests in mind. If we are able to negotiate out of court, our lawyer will work with you to understand what terms are acceptable to you. Should your criminal case go to state or federal court, our law firm will work to develop a plea agreement or go to trial and defend your rights. Our lawyer takes the time to inform you about all pre-trial requirements and explain your rights under Oregon and federal law.

Criminal Defense

I strive to provide quality criminal defense representation to all my clients in the southern Oregon area. I am committed, experienced and take my responsibilities seriously, knowing that the results I achieve for my clients will have a lasting impact on their lives.
I have more than 21 years experience defending the rights of people entangled in the criminal justice systems of Jackson, Josephine and Klamath counties as well as in the federal district of Oregon. I have represented people at every stage of the case beginning with initial investigations prior to any arrest and continuing through the appeal process where necessary. From the outset of my representation I will work with you to develop the factual and legal issues of your case. I strive to remain as current as possible with the statutes and case law so that I may recognize and develop all appropriate pre-trial motions for your benefit. Many criminal cases are settled by plea bargaining with the government and, if that is appropriate, I will work to develop a bargain that is as beneficial to you as possible. In those cases where it is not possible to bargain effectively I am willing and able to go to trial to represent your best interests.