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As someone who came indoors to work at the practice of law at the ripe old age of 47, I have tried to apply the same work ethic to my practice I developed from my many years working in the blue-collar workforce. From my teen years working construction for my dad to ten magical years as a logger working in the spectacularly beautiful woods of the Pacific Northwest, my real world work experiences have groomed me to provide hard-working and dedicated legal representation in the areas of criminal defense and estate & elder law matters to folks throughout southern Oregon, including Jackson, Josephine and Klamath counties.
My now more than 21 years experience defending clients in criminal cases in federal, state and municipal courts make it apparent to me that our criminal justice system is breaking down. The presence of "justice" in the equation is under siege and we are in danger of creating nothing more than a criminal processing system largely based upon class structure. My practice continually reinforces my belief that the role of a defense lawyer in our criminal justice system as a zealous advocate for the rights of those accused of crimes by the government is critical and absolutely essential to not only protect those rights we have left, but to advocate to create a truly more fair and just system.
In order for your rights to be best protected it is imperative, should you find yourself under investigation or accused of crimes, that you be represented at the earliest possible moment. My experience has led me to believe that where there is criminal exposure, or even potential exposure, it is rarely in a person's best interests to answer police questions, beyond the few basic questions required for identification, without the presence of an attorney. This is particularly and universally true if you have been placed under arrest. It is not easy to stand up to a police officer asking you why, if you have nothing to hide, you won't talk to him or her. However, you can be sure that if you are suspected of any involvement in criminal activity the government will not be concerned with protecting your rights. I will.
I pledge to do my best to gather the facts, research the law and advocate for you, as my client, to come to the best resolution possible for you in your case. However, it is important to me that my clients understand I can make no guarantees of any particular result. I believe attorneys who market themselves with guaranteed results even though they occasionally may be able to produce that outcome, disserve the client and the system. If it becomes necessary to go to trial I will work diligently to see that all applicable pre-trial matters and defenses are explored and presented and that the government is held to it's constitutional obligation to prove all elements of it's case against you beyond a reasonable doubt.
In addition to the area of criminal defense, my practice has developed into the areas of small estate planning, probate and trust administration, guardianships and conservatorships and other elder law matters. Hopefully early planning and appropriate drafting will act to prevent the stress and cost of later litigation, however, as a trial attorney I am able and willing to litigate contested matters in all those areas.
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Based in Medford, Oregan, Robert M. Stone Attorney at Law P.C. is a full-service law firm that handles general civil litigation in the Oregan and federal court. His representation brings experience from all types of legal matters. No matter your case, Robert M. Stone does everything possible to help you with your legal matters.

With more than 21 years of experience, Robert M. Stone is the attorney you can trust. Learn more about our attorney and find out how he can serve you.

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